Grimace pain scale

Grimace pain scale



-Its important to have standards, because without standards you can't be sure something is done properly. Standards are what separates quality individuals from anarchy.

-What do you mean? How do standards help us?

-Standards are when you expect to achieve a level of behavior that is considered acceptable or desirable. It is what makes us better than those low quality primitives that just do what ever they want. They have no standards at all. In a moral world, standards are absolutely essential. 

-How do I know if I have standards? I want to be a person of quality.

-Typically standards are set by individuals of quality. They debate and discuss what the standards should be. The discussions have very lofty goals and must be very detailed. Once they agree on the appropriate standards we can all live a better life because of the standards they set.

-So the standards make you a more moral person?

-Of course they do! Once you have standards, you know that you are perfect.

-Because you always use the standards to guide your actions, that way you know you are behaving properly. Right?

-Wait what?

-The standards. They tell you how to act when you have to make tough decisions.

Oh no. We don't actually use the standards. Why would we do that? That's just crazy. We just have standards. That is what makes us better than the other guys.

-How is it any different than not having standards? You still do whatever you want. The standards are totally pointless if you don't actually use them. You are no better than the guys without standards.

-I don't think I like talking to you, I have standards you know.