Grimace pain scale

Grimace pain scale


What does MattY think of Bitcoin?

What does MattY think of Bitcoin?


Zombie Bait

The best part about my trip to Barcelona was the chance to see one of my favorite architects up close and personal for the first time. Here are the three stops I was able to hit. 


 Main staircase:

Fireplace in the den:

Living room:

The interior light well (so beautiful):

Mushroom chimneys:

The dragon's back:

Gaudi described it as looking like a forest inside, perfect description:

SF is now my favorite big fucking church:

One for Jennifer, the stained glass was chosen to be very richly colorful (they would slowly shift from orange to yellow to green to blue) causing the inside to glow beautifully: 

Ceiling detail

Parachuting Jesus

Each entrance represented a different phase of Jesus' life, this was Gaudi's Nativity:

Workshop in the basement. The SF will never be completed:

If erection lasts for more than 4 centuries, consult physician:

Can't see the forest for the trees:

Money shot:

Now with hip cafe:

Inside courtyard:

Courtyard from the roof:

Should I be getting aroused?

Apparently so:

Attic where the apartment complex's laundry used to be. My laundry doesn't look quite as cool:

Typical kitchen:

Dining room:

2nd courtyard:

Main living space of an apartment:

All in all 7 thumbs up!


Jack Crow

I can't comment on your blog Jack so I am posting here hoping you will see it.

I am very sorry to hear the news of you and your wife's illnesses. While death will take us all, some live and appreciate the life we get better than others. You are one of those people, and we are cheated out of your full span. Live well Jack Crow.